Supernatural Character Poems

Dean Winchester

All my life I’ve known one thing,

that anything monstrous deserves to die,

end of story.

I have nothing else,

no friends,

no relationships,

only hunting and family.

I am like a younger version of my father,

I wear his leather jacket,

listen to his music,

and act just like him.

I’m daddy’s little soldier,

never good enough for him,

I always mess things up.

The problem with me is that when I look in the mirror,

I hate what I see.

I see a monster hidden behind my eyes,

darkness that will never fade.

I’ve killed humans,

they were evil,

but still human.

I’ve killed monsters that didn’t deserve it,

beat people up because they looked at me the wrong way,

I’m not good enough.

I let down the people I love,

Sam when I didn’t save him from Jake in time,

dad all those times I didn’t listen to his orders,

and I hide all my pain deep inside.

I care more for Sam,

even Castiel,

then I do myself.

I don’t want to die,

nobody even the worst of worst want to die,

that is something everyone fears,

especially me.

Sometimes I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing,

but I don’t have that kind of luck.

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