Supernatural Character Poems


Bees are beautiful creatures,

they have one job,

and then they die,

end of story.

They are simple,

but also so complex.

That’s why I keep bees,

for the delicious honey,

and to just watch them,

because I wish my life was as simple as theirs.

My brother was being tricked by Lucifer,

tempted by his evil words.

I wasn’t gonna let him become the devil’s pet,

so I made a deal.

I would sell my soul to the devil if Abel’s would go to Heaven.

He accepted,

but of course there was a catch,

he would send Abel’s soul to Heaven if I sent it there.

So I killed him,

the first human death in history,

with the jawbone of a donkey,

which later became the First Blade.

Lucifer marked me with the Mark of Cain,

which gave the First Blade its power,

and when I attempted to kill himself rather than live as a killer,

the Mark resurrected and made me into a Knight of Hell,

the very first of the Knights of Hell,

the first Alpha.

I went on to create,


and lead other Knights,

as we wreaked havoc on Earth.

I killed hundreds even thousands depending on my mood.

I didn’t want to kill,

but the mark makes you,

it literally hurts inside if you don’t end somethings life.

Eventually I found the will to stop,

but it didn’t last long.

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