Supernatural Character Poems

Claire Novak

If you think you have a horrible life,

you have no idea what I’ve gone through.

My dad let an angel possess him,

which took my father away from me.

When my dad returned,

my mom got possessed by a demon,

the angel possessed me,

then went back to my dad,

and again I was alone.

A few years later my mom disappeared,

leaving me in group homes,

but I never stayed in one spot,

eventually I’d find a way to escape,

even if it took time.

One day Castiel came to my group home,

and with quick thinking he got me out,

rescuing me from that hell hole.

We then went to see the only real family I had,

but he gave me away when he owed money,

Castiel saved me,

and Dean killed Randy.

I got over it eventually but I was pissed,

then my life got a whole lot worse.

I used the Winchester’s help,

and I found my mother,

until she ended her life to save me,

and I was once again alone.

Then the Winchester’s let me stay with Sheriff Mills,

and Alex,

a girl who lived with vampires as a feeding bag almost her entire life.

Things went well,

but I didn’t want a apple pie life,

I wanted to hunt,

to kill the monsters in this world,

but Sheriff Mills and Alex had different plans.

They wanted normal like school,



but I wanted adventure.

Some of Alex’s vampire buddies caught up with her,

and kidnapped me and Mills,

eventually grabbing Alex as well.

After all of them were killed,

I realized I needed family,

and I wasn’t going anywhere.

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