Supernatural Character Poems

Jessica Moore

I had a normal life,



even a few boyfriends.

A normal apple pie life,

until I met him.

He was tall,




and I was in love with him.

I don’t know what it was,

but he was something different,

something more,

and I really truly loved him.

He was gonna be a lawyer,

and I was gonna help him get there,

we were gonna be happy.

A few days before his big day,

his brother came to the door,

I didn’t even know he had a brother,

but it looked like there was drama.

Their dad didn’t come home from a hunting trip,

so his brother dragged him along.

When he got home I was hoping to surprise him,

but someone else surprised me.

The last thing I remember is him screaming my name as flames consumed me,

in the end all I wish is that I got the chance to say goodbye.

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