Supernatural Character Poems

John Winchester

I wasn’t the best parent.

After my wife died I wanted to kill the demon straight on,

but I also needed help.

I trained my sons hard,

especially Dean.

I wanted Sam to have a normal life as long as he could,

but Dean had saw,

and remembered what happened that night,

he knew what was out there.

At points I knew that being this harsh to Dean,

or this harsh to Sam was wrong.

Parents have the right to yell at their children,

but not the way I yelled.

I am the reason Sam ran away,

I am the reason Dean wears my clothes,

listens to my music,

drives my car,

I pushed him to far,

and now he’s like a soldier,

following my every order.

In the end when my son was dying I gave my life,

he deserved it more than I did anyway.

I hoped this would make up for the years,

and years of me.

At times I look into my children’s lives,

and they just keep getting darker,

Dean’s deal,

Sam drinking demon blood,



the trials,

the mark of Cain,

even the darkness herself.

When I was around all I had to deal with was the occasional poltergeist,

or demon deal,

but they are in some deep dark trouble,

and I don’t know if they can come back from this.

They might win,

they might survive,

but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the same.

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