Supernatural Character Poems

Jo Harvelle

So I died.

Yeah fun ending, right?

Yes I died,

but I died trying to stop the apocalypse,

so I guess dying wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened.

I could have been tortured,

drank dry,

heart eaten out of my chest,

things could have been worse.

I mean getting my stomach ripped open by a hellhound wasn’t fun either,

but it could have been worse.

There was this boy I liked,

but I didn’t know what to say,

I pretended he was just a friend,

but we both knew he wasn’t.

I know he liked me,

I could tell by his eyes so when I was dying,

he finally got his kiss,

and I got mine.

If you haven’t figured it out I was a hunter,

I lived in a family of hunters actually,

my dad died on the job,

and my mom tried to protect me from this life,

but I wouldn’t listen because I wanted danger,

and that’s exactly what I got.

Most people when they die think two things,

I am too young to die,

or I could have done so much more,

I thought neither of them.

I knew when I started to hunt that I might get killed,


and beaten,

so I didn’t wish to live,

or say I could do more,

because I thought I did enough.

Of course I didn’t want to die,

even the strongest heroes,

and the darkest villains,

are afraid of dying,

but I wasn’t afraid,

I’ll never be afraid again.

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