Supernatural Character Poems

Amelia Richardson

I haven’t let anyone in since my husband went missing during battle,

I waited but my man in shining armor never came..

I worked as a vet to distract myself from everything around me,

and it worked until I saw him.

He had just hit a dog,

and he was freaking out.

I tried to calm him down,

but he was in total freak out mode,

and that’s when he told me his name,


After that we saw each around and started to hang out,

I don’t know when it turned into more,

but I liked it.

Sam was kind,


and one of the greatest people I’ve met,

but then his brother came back.

I could see in his eyes how much his brother meant to him,

he cared so much he’d die for him.

When he left,

I knew he loved his brother more than anything,

more than I could understand.

A few weeks later I saw him again,

and I told him if I didn’t see him in our motel room that night we were done,

I wanted Sam to be there,

for me,

and for the dog he hit,

but when I went to the motel room no one was home.

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