Supernatural Character Poems

Henry Winchester

The last time I saw my son he was only 12,

sleeping soundly on the bed we had picked out together.

That night I did not expect to never see him again,

I thought I had time but I was wrong.

Abaddon was killing all the others in my group for a key to our secrets,

I of course was not gonna let her have it,

so using blood magic I jumped to the future not expecting her to follow me.

When I got there I discovered three things,

my son became a hunter,

he had two sons named Sam and Dean,

and that he was dead.

John thought I abandoned him when that was far from the truth,

I loved him and only way to keep the world save was to flee,

I had to.

Abaddon killed the last survivor from that night and kidnapped Sam,

even though I barely knew him he still was my grandson,

so we went to his rescue.

We made her think she was getting me and the key,

when Dean had the real one.

They tried leaving,

but she lied and locked them in.

Before I could react she shoved her hand through my stomach,

giving me time to shoot a devils-trapped bullet into her head.

Dean cut her head off leaving her trapped as I collapsed.

I told Dean where they could use the key,

and that it was their birthright.

I knew I was dying,

but at least I tried being more than a librarian.

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