Supernatural Character Poems

Alex Jones

My family was different then others.

I had a dad,


and brothers,

but they weren’t human,

they were vampires.

I know what you’re thinking but it’s the truth,

they were vampires.

I lured men back home,

and my family took care of the rest.

Sometimes when times were hard they’d feed from me as well,

and don’t think it was like some movies where it’s enjoyable because it’s not.

When their fangs pierce your skin it feels like a thousand needles stabbing your skin in the same spot,

at the same time,

not like roses,

or sex,

but like death.

I finally escaped with the help of the Winchesters and a sheriff,

finally becoming normal.

I joined the sheriff’s family,

with another named Claire,

she wanted to be a hunter,

I wanted to be a student.

We had a normal life for a while until they found me,

because they always find me.

I am the reason hundreds of people are dead,

I am the reason people never see their sons,



or friends again,

I will live with this guilt for the rest of my life,

and hurts everytime I close my eyes.

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