Supernatural Character Poems


I was the beginning,

and I will be the end.

I will be all that there is left after I finish off my brother.

He was so threatened,

and fearful that he exiled me.

Virtually erased me,

but this time around I won’t be tricked.

I will win,

and everyone else will lose.

I will get his attention by destroying his creations,

his churches,

even his strip clubs.

I will make him pay and suffer like he made me suffer.

I spent millions of years crammed into a cage,

alone and afraid,


begging for death,

because of him!

I’d die a million times!

Murder him a million more before going back there!

So tell me,

am I really the bad guy in this situation?






it all seems so unimportant,

but to my brother it’s everything,

and I will crush that everything.

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