Supernatural Character Poems


I wanted to help Sam,

of course I had an agenda of my own,

but I still wanted to help him.

I used to be human,

and I still remember the feeling of losing someone,

so I told Sam I could save his brother,

even if it was a lie.

Now I could have gone about things a little better,

so I’d still be standing and breathing to this day,

but I still got done what needed to be done.

I made Sam stronger with my blood,

so he could take out Lilith,

and be who Lucifer wanted him to be.

I betrayed him in the end,

but I made him stronger,

and I might have fell in love.

Now I didn’t show it,

but when that knife when through my chest,

part of me was heartbroken.

I knew he hated me for tricking him,

and making him break Lucifer free,

but I still think part of him,

even just a little part,

loved me too.

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