Supernatural Character Poems


When I was a baby my parents were killed by a banshee,

my mom even tried to protect me,

but in the process I went deaf.

I was taken in by a hunter,

and she taught me her ways till she died when I was 16.

Since then I have been hunting the banshee that killed my parents,

I’ve killed monsters,

and other banshees,

but I can never catch mine.

Until I followed it to a nursing home in Lebanon, Kansas,

where I met the Winchesters.

Now at first I thought they might be banshees working together,

but then I found out they were hunters as well.

I have been on this revenge trip for almost 14 years,

I don’t really know anything else.

So when I finally stabbed that gold blade through it’s chest,

I was relieved but also disappointed,

because I knew that killing it wouldn’t bring them back,

I knew.

Afterward Sam asked me if I was gonna have a normal life now that I wasn’t hunting for revenge anymore,

and I thought about it for a moment,

living normal,

not being scared to look out my window,

being able to happy,

but a normal life sounded boring.

I liked helping people,

saving people,

and I was good at hunting,

at least better than some.

Now I know going down this path could kill me,

or worse,

but I don’t care,

because saving people is what I do.

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