Supernatural Character Poems

Kate (Werewolf)

I started out human,

a girl living with her boyfriend and his friend,

but things got worse.

My boyfriend came home one night with a weird bite,

I thought maybe a dog or something,

but he was convinced it wasn’t.

After a few days he started to become different,

he became stronger,



and all of the above.

His friend was turned into a werewolf also,

while I watched in horror.

They began to fight,

my boyfriend lost when his friend stabbed a silver knife into his heart.

His friend had a crush on me so then he turned me without my permission,

after that I tore him to pieces.

Once I finished him off I covered both with white sheets.

Before that I had never hurt anyone,

nobody human anyway.

I didn’t choose this,

and I didn’t want this,

but here I am.

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