Supernatural Character Poems

Ms. Tran

My son was my pride and joy.

He got good grades,

played instruments well,

and was gonna get somewhere someday.

He even had a girlfriend If you can believe it.

He was happy,

and content,

until he became a profit.

This caused him to get kidnapped on multiple occasions,


and eventually killed.

Since I was his mother I got taken and hidden away by the King of Hell as leverage.

Crowley made my son think I was dead,

and he still thought that when he passed away.

I didn’t know until after,

and only got to see his ghost.

I was his mother,

I was supposed to protect him,

love him,

no parent should outlive their child,

not one.

All I’m grateful for is at least,

even if he was a ghost,

I got to say goodbye when many never get the chance.

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