Supernatural Character Poems


Everyone says I’m fair,


and a very capable leader.

I practice democracy,

and only use force when necessary,

but sometimes I don’t really believe it.

I fell to Earth when Metatron locked the gates,

a man who thought of me favorably because I was in par with Michael’s leadership,

a man who threw all of us out of our home.

After falling I took a vessel,

my vessel gave consent but I took her away from her husband,

and family,

only to hurt her.

I felt bad,

and I didn’t want her to suffer much longer,

so I let her go.

I left Castiel on that bridge so my vessel could be free.

While I possessed her I got to know Castiel,

everyone said he was the rebellious angel,

the monster that killed hundreds of our brothers,

but all I saw was a broken man who was sorry.

I might have loved him,

many noticed,

and I think he did too.

In the end I was killed because I was too kind,

too fair.

My only regret is not saying the words,

saying the official words,

because he might have known my feelings,

but I never got to say I love you.

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