Supernatural Character Poems

Sarah Blake

My father was an art gallery owner,

I thought the work was boring,

but for him it was a dream.

We were having a party at the gallery,

and two men had snuck in.

At first I was just going to kick them out,

but one of them was just so handsome,

and tall.

They were interested in a painting,

but my father made them leave.

A day or two later the cute one asked me to dinner to ask about the painting,

I answered any question he had,

and we had fun doing it.

After the newest owner of the painting died,

I insisted on helping them with their investigations,

and after much persuasion they let me help.

I openly stated my affection for Sam,

because well he’s cute,

and not a lot of cute boys come into the art gallery,

or hunt monsters.

After the case was solved,

and everything was over they said they had to leave,

which I understood,

But was still disappointed.

Sam turned to walk,

but couldn’t seem to move his legs,

so instead he turns around and kisses me,

kisses ME.

After that I got a few more days to hang,

and kiss Sam,

which was awesome by the way.

Then he had to go,

so I gave him one last kiss as the Impala drove down the road.

After that I never thought I’d see him again,

but after almost seven years he ends up on my doorstep.

By now I have a husband,

and even a child,

but seeing him as handsome as ever,

was amazing until he told me I was in danger of dying.

He tried his best to save me,

but wasn’t fast enough.

I don’t blame him,

he tried,

and that’s all that matters.

Besides the last thing I saw before it went dark was his face,

and that wasn’t so bad.

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