Supernatural Character Poems


This is one little planet,

in one tiny solar system,

In a galaxy that’s barely out of it’s diapers.

I am old,

very old,

almost as old as God himself.

He is life,

I am the opposite.

I take those who passed to the other side,

or take those whose time has come.

I usually make my reapers do it for me,

but on the occasion I reap a few souls myself,

especially if it’s Winchester.

I get a lot of those chances as well since they never like to stay dead,

I got so close to taking Sam,

but of course Dean couldn’t let him go.

Those two would die for each other in an instant,

no questions asked.

They would let the world burn if they could live,

those boys are each other’s poisons,

and when I finally thought Dean might change that he kills me,

with my own weapon of all things.

They need realize that eventually they’re gonna have to die,

nothing lasts forever.

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