Supernatural Character Poems


I watched my owner,

and a animal shelter employee get murdered.

These two men,

well one of them took a potion so he could hear me,

and other animals of course.

We solved the case,

and I got to attack the killer with my teeth,

so that was fun.

While solving the case the man,

I think his name was Dean,

started to act like a dog.

He barked,

fell in love with a poodle,

and he even got in a fight with a pigeon,

good times.

After awhile the potion wore off,

and he was normal again.

He left me with a couple,

and walked away.

I mean I know I have a home,

but these people have no taste in music,

and are far from cool.

At least Dean was interesting,

and not a total ass.

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