Supernatural Character Poems

Dick Roman

I have been stuck in Purgatory since I was first created,

that is until Castiel released me.


and my kind were too much for little Castiel to take.

We walked him into the lake,

and seeped out into the water.

We took the form of children,


and anyone we could find.

I took control,

and took care of my own.

We started by putting something in the human’s food to fatten,

and dumb them up.

It worked for awhile until the Winchesters got involved,

which caused many complications.

They tried to stop my plans,

and I shot their friend in the head,

so that was a win.

In the end they killed me,

but not without taking the angel,

and Dean with me.

I lost all that came with me,

and didn’t complete my goal,

but at least I got rid of a few of God’s hairless apes.

Humans are weak,

and God saw that when he locked us away,

because he knew we were better.

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