Supernatural Character Poems


I am just like every other reaper,

but I actually do my job.

I take the dead to heaven,

or hell,

maybe even in between.

I don’t make deals,

or give free passes,

I do what I’m told.

When I heard Sam was dying I had to meet the man.


and his brother have come back so many times I don’t think it’s countable,

It needs to stop.

No one gets a second chance,

a lucky a few do,

but most do not.

The Winchesters have had many second chances,

too many for anyone’s liking.

I decided to do the logical thing,

once one of them dies I will take them to the other side making sure they never return,

no spell,

or mission can bring them back.

All I have to do is play the waiting game because one,

or both of them will die,

and then they’ll be mine.

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