Supernatural Character Poems

Charlie Bradbury

For years I thought all those monster stories I was a told as kid,

were just stories.

But then I met the Winchesters,

and they opened eyes to the things that go bump in the night.

At first I was scared,

I mean who wouldn't be if they found out,

all your worst nightmares,

and fears,


But then I was interested.

My life was boring,

I was a nobody,

just some face in the crowd.

But now that monsters existed,

I could hunt just like Sam and Dean,

and finally become the hero.

Just like my idol,

Hermione Granger,

who protected her friends,

no matter the cost.

But hunting wasn't as magical as i'd hoped.

So when I had the chance I went Oz,

sounds crazy,

but yeah I did go to OZ.

Eventually I returned,

cursed and evil,

but the Winchester's saved me,

once again.

They were more than just my friends,

they were family,

they were my brothers.

I died to save Dean,

it wasn't Sam's fault for bringing me into this mess,

or anything else.

It was my choice,

and i'm glad for one thing.

I didn't die a nobody,

or a villain,

I died a hero,

and that's

everybody's dream isn't it?

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