Supernatural Character Poems

Linda Tran

My son was a good kid,

he always had been.

When he vanished,

I knew something was terribly wrong.

I called the police,

had my son back,

then both of us were kidnapped.

Luckily soon after we were let go,

but I didn’t get to see my son for a long while after.

Then with his friends Sam and Dean he returns to me,

my baby boy.

He tells me he is a prophet of the Lord,

and from what I have seen I didn’t have a hard time believing it.

After that we went through a lot of hell like,

being possessed by a demon,

dealing with evil witches,

and me getting kidnapped again.

After months of captivity Sam and Dean helped me escape,

and I was ready to see my son again.

What they didn’t tell when I entered that bunker,

was that he was already gone,


Kevin appeared to us as a ghost,

but he still looked like the same son I dearly loved.

I took him home with me so I could have a few more days,

with my baby boy.

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