Supernatural Character Poems


I was an angel of Heaven.

On Earth,

I used a human vessel,

who worked at a fast food place called Wiener Hut.

I was one of the few angels who knew Castiel,

and despite Castiel’s mistakes,

I still believed his heart was always in the right place.

I attended an auction for supernatural items,

trying to get my hands on The Word of God.

I offered The Mona Lisa and Vatican City,

but then Mrs. Tran offered her soul in exchange for the tablet and her son.

I was impressed,

and deeply moved by her courage.

Later, I was captured by the King of Hell,

who tortured me for information on the succeeding prophets.

Crowley used an angel blade to inflict damage on me,

and eventually I gave up the identity of several next-in-line prophets.

When I told Crowley the next generation of prophets wasn’t born yet,

the demon stopped the torture.

I was rescued,

only to die in the arms of Castiel.

He was being controlled by Naomi,

so I knew he didn’t mean to,

he wouldn’t have done such a thing.

Because I gave up angel secrets I knew I had to die,

I became a traitor,

but at least in death I didn’t have to deal with anymore angel business,

I was free.

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