Supernatural Character Poems

Harry Spangler

Along with my best friend,

we hunted the paranormal.

It all started with our website,

which somehow created a tulpa,

a result of the Tibetan spirit sigil being posted on our website,

the collective thoughts of all our viewers inadvertently brought a dead guy back to life,

and all the new legends posted constantly change his nature.

We defeated him with our awesomeness,

and a little help from Sam and Dean Winchester,

even though we were the real heroes.

A few years later we ran into the Winchesters again,

except this time we had a few more friends,

a show,

and a van.

We defeated that horror fest as well,

with a little help from Sam and Dean,

only a little.

Then almost 5 years past,

snd again we ran into the Winchesters.

I had become engaged since the last time we met,

I was actually planning on quitting,

and having a nice life.

But my best friend claimed we needed to track down a ghost named Thinman,

causing me to abandon my fiancee,

and rejoin the team.

After things started getting a little heavy he wanted to drop out,

to let the Winchesters handle it,

but this was our case and I wasn’t gonna give it up.

My friend dropped me off in some woods near a grocery store,

and I searched.

I soon ran into Thinman,

and narrowly escaped with a cut across my stomach.

After I was patched up my friend explained to me that he made up Thinman,

that this was the only way he could get me away from my fiancee.

I blamed him for selfishly destroying my chances of a normal life,

and for living a lie.

Once the case was wrapped up,

and I shot one of the monsters,

I quit.

I killed someone,

they were evil,

but that doesn’t give me the right.

I grabbed my things,

and left my best friend standing in the dust.

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