Supernatural Character Poems

Lily Sunder

In the late 19th century,

I was a professor of apocalyptic lore,

with a daughter named May,

and I studied angels heavily.

My studies led me to a spell that enabled me to summon an angel,

named Ishim.

Ishim grew obsessed with me,

believing he was in love with me.

As a result, Ishim shared all of the secrets of angels with me.

I came to realize that he was a monster,

and once I realized I cut off contact with him,

eventually meeting my husband Akobel.

Ishim found out and told his fellow angels that my daughter May,

was a Nephilim,

and that my husband and daughter had to be killed.

Ishim murdered Akobel,

and pinned me to a wall accusing me of leaving him for my husband,

and then murdered my daughter right in front of me.

Over the next century, I began using my study of Enochian magic to give myself immortality,

and the powers I would need to get revenge.

Using Enochian magic in such a way burned away a piece of my soul,

eventually resulting in me losing the ability to dream.

I was able to kill two of Ishim’s angel friends,

and was getting closer to taking him out.

In the end I was almost defeated,

but Castiel saved me.

I was going to end him too,

because he was one of Ishim’s friends,

but he was different.

I let him live,

and left knowing that my daughter was finally avenged.

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