Supernatural Character Poems


I have been a psychic for a very long time,

dealing with finding dead relatives in the afterlife,

or reading palms,

wasting my abilities.

The day went like any other,

until John Winchester walked through my door.

He’d lost his wife,

and wanted to know if she was okay,

that she was at peace.

I unlike other psychics am the real deal,

I don’t repeat what you’ve already said,

or flicker the lights with a switch,

I tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it.

Many years later I get more Winchesters knocking at my door,

this time it was only Sam and Dean.

Of course they were surprised when I recognized them instantly,

they hadn’t seen me since they were really small,

but I never forgot them.

Their old house had a poltergeist,

some other presence as well.

I have the boys help me prepare bags filled with ingredients that will help purify the house.

As they start placing the bags,

the poltergeist fights back violently,

but all the bags get placed and the house is safe.

Sam doesn’t really believe that all is good,

so he and Dean sit in their car watching the house.

Suddenly the owner of the house appears screaming at the upstairs window,

just as she did in Sam’s dream.

The boys rush inside,

and get everyone to safety.

After seeing their mom,

and watching her vanish they take their leave.

Sam’s abilities were a mystery,

and more powerful then he could imagine.

What surprises me,

Is he didn’t sense his father in the very next room.

Those boys are heroes,

and I’ll be waiting for the next time those doors open.
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