Supernatural Character Poems


I was a powerful white-eyed demon,

and Hell’s grand torturer.

I was able to travel from Hell,

and Earth with incredible ease.

One of my many accomplishments was torturing the one,

and only,

John Winchester.

He was one of the few souls I couldn’t crack,

but his son was a different story.

When I got whiff that John’s son had died,

I had to be the one to torture him.

Dean tried to be strong,

But everyone eventually breaks.

I tortured him for 40 years,

or 4 months in Earth time,

and each day I would ask Dean if he wanted to trade his place for another soul.

For 30 years he refused and,

each day he was chopped and killed and then placed back together,

only for the cycle to continue.

One day he just couldn’t bear the pain,

and for his last 10 years in hell I got Dean to torture souls.

This broke the first seal,

just like Lilith wanted.

In the end,

Sam Winchester killed me with his psychic powers,

but that didn’t bother me that much.

I helped make Lucifer’s vessel stronger,

and that was the goal in the end.
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