Supernatural Character Poems

Mick Davies

When I was a young boy,

I was orphaned and spent some time living on the streets.

In an attempt to get some money,

I picked the pocket of a member of the British Men of Letters,

and accidentally stole a cursed coin.

The British Men of Letters saw potential within me,

and sent me to Kendrick’s Academy.

There I learned to fight,

stick by the code,

and kill my best friend.

The headmistress gave us a knife,

saying only one of us could live,

and I chose to live.

Since then I have done many important things,

Including trying to get the Winchesters to join our side.

At first Toni Bevell tried to get to identify American hunters and gain their trust,

but almost killing Sam Winchester was not the way to do it,

so I tried to be their friend.

I helped save them from the Secret Service,

and Mr. Ketch gave them a device to exorcise Lucifer.

I tried to get other American hunters to join our cause,

but they were more difficult then I thought.

That is until Mary Winchester came along,

and joined us with open arms.

I have lost friends,

I was almost killed by the Alpha Vampire,

and I killed a young girl who was turned into a werewolf against her will.

In the end I realized the British Men of Letters,

were wrong.

I defended the Winchesters way of doing things,

the British Men of Letters code had a young boy murder his best friend,

and that was not the way things should go.

Then suddenly everything went black,

as a bullet went through the back of my head,

making everything end.

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