Supernatural Character Poems


I was a high ranking angel,

and the direct superior of Castiel.

I had been alive for over 6 millennia.

I came to Earth following Uriel’s death,

and after his betrayal was revealed.

Like many of my angelic siblings,

I supported the release of Lucifer so that Michael could kill him,

and Earth could be made into a paradise.

After Lucifer was freed,

I was then given the task to force Dean to give Michael his consent to use his body.

I tried everything from saying please,

to putting him into an alternate reality,

even almost killing Sam,

but nothing worked.

My angel brethren ridiculed me,

because I couldn’t accomplish this simple task,

which made me hate the Winchesters even more.

Finally I was done,

I captured Dean,

and his brothers.

I gave him a choice say yes,

or I kill little brother Sammy,

and Adam.

This finally made him say yes,

and Michael headed down.

But what I didn’t see was the secret wink,

and then an angel through my head.

It was not the way I wanted to go,

but at least I tried to complete my goal.

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