Supernatural Character Poems


After I am triggered by Lucifer’s release from the Cage,

Lucifer sends several lower-class demons to care for me,

attending to my needs,

and most importantly they collect souls and transport them back to me,

for dinner.

My presence affects a small region where a cupid is at work.

By marking people’s hearts,

the effects of my powers were heightened,

and made these people “rabid” for love.

I am crippled, weak and frail,

bound to a wheelchair,

and very tired.

The demons are preparing to restore me back to my previous nature,

so I can “march across the land”.

I then enter a restaurant,

and cause all the people there to go mad with their greatest desires until they die,

while I watched from my wheelchair.

Castiel teleports inside the restaurant where I am,

and tries to get the ring but falls under my influence.

When the demons capture Dean I look inside him,

and see how empty he truly is on the inside,

which explains why Dean isn’t affected by my influence.

Sam arrives soon after,

and I try to compel him to drink the blood of my demons,

but Sam manages to refuse.

Instead he exorcises them,

and I suck their essence in,

gaining more power.

Sam then turns on me,

and manages to indirectly weaken me,

by exorcising all the demons I devoured from inside me.

This weakens me long enough that they’re able to take my ring,

but I am smiling in the end because I am proud of him,

he’s exactly what Lucifer wanted.

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