Supernatural Character Poems

Gwen Campbell

When Dean is attacked by a djinn,

Sam rescues him and reveals that he had been back from Lucifer’s Cage for a year,

hunting with me and my siblings.

We went back to the house to catch the djinn,

but when they realize the djinn are watching the house,

Dean suggested we leave.

I was at the compound when Dean and Sam arrived with the baby Shapeshifter,

and I helped go after the alpha vampire.

Samuel ordered me to stay back with Dean and “sweep any stragglers” they flush out.

I noted that Samuel often tries to keep me out of harm’s way,

possibly because I reminded him of his daughter.

A ton of vampires come and ambush us,

we fight well together,

but Dean refused to take my hand up when I decapitated a vampire that took him down.

He then left me alone to investigate what the others were doing with the alpha vampire, but I still covered for the fact that he snuck off.

Later, I side with Samuel against the Winchesters,

holding them at gunpoint and forcing them to disarm,

when we discovered them talking to the imprisoned alpha vampire.

Even when I found out he was working with the king of hell,

I still followed his orders.

I was hunting with Samuel,

investigating deaths related to a spike in the activity of supernatural creatures.

While investigating the murders,

we run into Bobby Singer, Rufus Turner, Sam, and Dean Winchester at a cannery. While me and Dean were alone,

the creature responsible for the deaths made itself known,

the Khan worm infected Dean,

and used him to kill me.

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