Supernatural Character Poems


When I was first created,

I followed orders,

like the good soldier I had to be.

But then I was ordered to save a soul from Hell,

no big deal.

My job was to watch over the humans and protect them,

even if it meant bringing them back.

The human tried summoning me,

thinking I was beast or demon,

something dark.

So I went,

I wanted to meet the man I saved,

thinking he'd be thankful,

but he wasn't even close.

He believed he didn't deserve to be saved,

everyone even the darkest souls deserve a second chance.

Eventually me and this man became friends,

he even called me family.

Since the moment I pulled him out of Hell i've done some terrible things,

horrific things,

but somehow he forgave me,

even after I hurt his brother.

I've killed hundreds of my brothers,

and to protect him,

I'd kill more.

We don't have emotions like humans,

we just don't care.

But for the first time since I was created,

I felt something,

I felt like I had a friend.

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