Supernatural Character Poems

Lisa Braeden

I am a yoga instructor that had the “best night of my life”,

with Dean Winchester,

back in 1999.

Almost nine years later,

Dean comes a knocking at my front door,

on the day of my son’s birthday.

Later on,

I become furious at Dean for teaching my son how to beat up a bully,

who stole his game.

I lecture him saying that we had one weekend together,

that he doesn’t know me,

and more importantly he had no business with my son.

After learning that the children of the neighborhood are being replaced by changelings,

Dean stops by my house realizing that me and my son are in danger.

He tells me that he feels bad about not getting my son a gift for his birthday,

so he gives me a credit card telling me to go on a trip.

I tell him that he should leave after seeing that the credit card had a fake name on it. Later the changeling posing as my son tells me that he’s hungry.

When I go to get him food,

I see the changeling’s true form through its reflection on the coffee table.

I grab car keys and run out the front door,

I soon go back into the house as three more changelings are preventing my escape. When I reenter the house,

I watch the changeling burst to flames,

after Dean and Sam torch the mother changeling.

Then two years later,

Dean pays me a visit once again.

He has tears in his eyes,

and he’s saying all these things like it’s goodbye.

I try to convince him to come in for a beer,

to not to do whatever he’s about to,

but he doesn’t listen and walks away,

leaving me nervous and worried.

He appears again,

and as he walks in he begins to break down and starts to cry.

I invite him to dinner,

and he stays the night.

After that we had many amazing days,


and months together.He got a job,

we had cookouts,

and Dean became the father my son never had.

When Sam came back into the picture,

that’s when everything went downhill.

We almost got killed,

had to run and hide,

and Dean left for hunting once again.

We got into fights,

and I tried to tell Dean to let his brother go,

but he wouldn’t listen.

In the end,

I don’t even remember who he is.

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