Supernatural Character Poems

Alpha Vampire

I am progenitor of all other vampires.

I was the thing in the dark when humans first built fire,

the first thing that gave them chills as they slept.

I was created by Eve,

and I know of the leviathans when they first were born.

I created an entire race of vampires across the world,

that soon populated into a new civilization.

I kept close tabs on my “children”,

while continuing to populate the world with vampires for many years.

I am a calm and cultured being,

however when pushed I do have a furious temper.

When it came to humans,

I regarded them as nothing more than food,

and I did not care how many were killed.

However, when it came to other vampires,

I did truly care about them,

and considered them all my ”children“.

I took my role as father of my species seriously,

acting as both their leader and their protector.

I had been quiet for many years,

but when the British Men of Letters killed hundreds of my children,

that’s when my anger boiled over.

I tried to talk through the situation,

but hunters never listen.

Before I got the chance to rip out the throat of the leader of this group,

Sam killed me with the weapon I thought was finally lost.

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