Supernatural Character Poems

Victor Henriksen

Me and my assistant took charge of local police in an attempt to free the people,

taken hostage by the Winchester brothers.

I was confident that I had Sam and Dean cornered,

but they escaped.

Later I succeeded in capturing the brothers,

but it was a Pyrrhic victory,

as the brothers had set themselves up to be captured.

With the help of their lawyer and prison guard,

Sam and Dean escaped my clutches yet again.

I captured Sam and Dean again,

this time because of a tip made by Bela Talbot.

Possessed by a demon,

I shot an unsuspecting sheriff.

Once the demon was exorcised shortly after by Sam,

I realized that the Winchester brothers weren’t murderers after all,

and I teamed up with them to defeat a demon invasion of the police station.

In the aftermath I let them go,

making it seem that they died in a fire to get the law off their backs once and for all.

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