Supernatural Character Poems


Despite being the rightful heir to Lucifer’s throne,

I opted to retire on earth.

I stayed silent for many years,

but when I found out Luci got a human pregnant,

I became invested.

I tracked down the woman,

and saved her from two angels.

I offer to protect this woman until the baby is conceived,

and she comes willingly.

I receive an unexpected message from Lucifer,

who wants to make sure I am protecting the woman and the baby well.

By morning, I am ready to relocate the woman to a new hideout,

but she refuses and wants her baby checked out,

because she is experiencing weird pain in her stomach.

I reluctantly take her to a doctor who examines her,

and initially says everything is fine.

When Dr. Turner notices something off on the monitor,

I use my powers to make him ignore it.

To cover our tracks,

I order Dermott Culp to dispose of the doctor.

Later on the Winchesters try to take the woman away from me,

but I found them easily and took her back with me.

When she argues that she was simply worried about her baby,

I tell her that the baby is indeed fine,

but she herself is going to die because birthing a Nephilim is always fatal.

I continue to forcefully take care of the woman,

having been promised by Lucifer that the two of us,

and his son would rule the universe together.

After that Castiel decided to get in my way,

and stole the woman from my grasp.

I inform an enraged Lucifer of my failure,

and Lucifer threatens me with eternal torment if I fail to recover his child.

After getting information from Castiel’s angel friend,

I followed him to the portal to Heaven,

the place that would kill both the woman and the child.

Before Castiel has the chance,

I take him on proving he is no match for me.

As I prepare to kill Castiel,

I am shot several times by Sam who arrives with Dean in Castiel’s truck.

I shrug off the attack,

break Dean’s arm,

and destroy the Colt.

I turn back to end Castiel when I notice his eyes glowing a fire red,

enabling him to effortlessly grab my arm,

and render me powerless.

Castiel then sets me ablaze with Jack’s help.

Screaming in agony,

me and my vessel are incinerated.

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