Supernatural Character Poems

Max Banes

I am a witch and a hunter,

who works with my twin sister,

hunting bad witches.

Like my mother,

I am a natural witch,

and I am quite skilled at it.

A fews month after my father’s wake,

my mother went missing.

So me and my sister began to search,

we soon enlist the help of Sam and Dean,

because we are stumped.

Once we find her location,

we were all surprised and happy when we all found my mother alive,

In a hotel not far from town.

But my joy was short-lived however,

when Sam and Dean discover a room full of bodies,

one of them being my mother’s.

Realizing the mother with my sister is a fake,

I use my powers to force my fake mother to reveal her true identity.

This alerts a nearby witch,

who sends two men after us.

I am able to send one man flying out of the window,

but Dean and I are shocked to see the man gradually recover from the impact.

I use my powers again to find the witch,

once I do she tells me she is impressed by my abilities,

and shows me my mother’s death through visions.

The horror in my mother’s face,

broke me.

The witch offers to give me her powers,

at the cost of accepting her burden of going to Hell,

since her powers were “borrowed” from a demon.

Before I can accept the ring which holds the witch’s powers,

Dean shoots the witch dead.

Then we run back to Sam and my sister,

and I am horrified to find my sister dead,

with a knife in her stomach.

Sam and Dean try to comfort me,

but I want to be left alone.

I lost my father,

then my mother,

and my sister,

The pain was overwhelming.

I couldn’t take it,

So I used the witch’s powers,

and brought my sister back life.

She might be made of twigs and branches,

but her personality is still there,

and that’s all I need.

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