Supernatural Character Poems

Cuthbert Sinclair

I was the former Master of Spells of the Men of Letters,

and I served as Henry Winchester’s tutor and friend.

I was the one who created the warding that kept the Men of Letters bunker safe,

making sure no monsters could find it.

I proposed multiple measures,

and encouraged the Men of Letters to use their knowledge to destroy evil.

However, the Men of Letters refused my proposals,

and eventually kicked me out in 1956.

After that I made myself an invisible and intangible mansion,

which was only accessible by magic,

and I became a collector of rare supernatural antiquities.

Down the line I had acquired the First Blade for my collection,

and the Winchester brothers wanted it for their own.

The brothers tried to convince me to lend them the blade,

but I was more interested in discovering Dean possessed the Mark of Cain.

I banished Sam,

and kidnapped Dean to add him to my collection.

I tried to convince Dean to agree,

and when that failed I began using my magic to brainwash him.

Sam then broke back in,

but I captured him with the help of a shapeshifter from my zoo.

After some torture the King of Hell somehow got into my home,

and he freed Dean.

Seconds later my head was rolling across the floor,

with a smile plastered to my face.

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