Supernatural Character Poems


I was sent to observe humanity,

and I became fascinated by them.

During my observation I met a girl named Lily,

and I fell love,

eventually marrying her.

I helped to raise her daughter,

and protect them both from Ishim.

Learning of my relationship with Lily,

Ishim decided to murder me in revenge.

Ishim claimed to his flight that Lily’s daughter was mine,

and a Nephilim,

meaning that both of us would need to be killed.

Ishim confronts me at my home,

and when the angels arrive,

I order Lily to take May and run,

as I knew why Ishim was there.

I tried to fight back,

but when you’re against four other angels it can be very difficult.

As I was about to attack,

Mirabel blocked my way,

and then she killed me.

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