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The Tamer - A Digimon Adventure


Six kids at summer camp find themselves on an adventure to save another world. Mystery abounds in this new world, as well as stories of another child who disappeared long ago. Will they get home?

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Welcome to the Digital World

In a darkened apartment somewhere out in the world, a lone adult sits alone at a desk illuminated by a computer screen. The apartment is sparse, containing only the desk, a wooden chair, a bed, and a few old posters hanging off the walls. Light seeps in through the closed blinds. The adult watches the credits roll past in disapproval and scoffs, "It's been years. This ending still sucks."

Rocking back and forth in their chair, the lone adult closes their eyes and listens to the music overlaying the credits, quietly humming along to the tune. Eventually, the credits end, the song draws to a close, and the screen fades to black. After a few seconds of silence, the adult straightens himself out and stares at a set of posters on the wall opposite the apartment.

One belonged to the show whose credits were now over. The main characters of the show were lined up along the poster with bright-eyed smiles. The other poster belonged to another show, with the faces of twelve men all looking to the side. The adult stares blankly at the two posters in silence and while the gears turn in their head, an idea is born - an idea that invigorates them to work. They sit up immediately and open up a new page on the computer, the sound of the music replaced by the clicks and clacks of a keyboard.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Digital World

The quiet night of Highton View Terrace ended with a loud roar followed by thunderous crash. Like a scene pulled from an old monster movie, two giant creatures battled each other - a giant orange dinosaur wearing a skull and a large parrot with arms. The two grappled each other again and traded blows before falling to the ground.

Seated in the middle of the chaos were two children, a little boy and a little girl. The boy had fiery brown hair that flared out from the top of his head and a pair of goggles around his neck. The girl was younger with short-cropped hair and a whistle that she held tight in her hands. Both children gaped in awe as the two monsters squared off against each other and roared out their attacks.

"Nova Blast!"

"Sonic Destroyer!"

The girl screamed out and the boy leapt over her to shield her. Over the deafening roar of their attacks, the boy could be heard saying, "Kari! I'll protect you!"

The girl continued to shriek out in terror, stopping only when she felt a pair of firm arms hold onto her. She glanced up and saw an unfamiliar man staring down at her. He was in a police uniform and stared down at her carefully, "Are you alright?"

She didn't respond, but allowed the man to pick her up. Glancing around, she saw the rising sun light up the street to show the damaged buildings, ruined sidewalk, and crushed cars. The policeman carried her over to an ambulance where a team of paramedics tended to her injuries. One of them tried to talk to her, asking her name, how old she was, and where her parents were.

As the light rose, a crowd began to appear around the ruin - seemingly unaware of the giant monsters battling moments before. Her parents emerged from that crowd and came running when the saw her. They hugged her and kissed her and never stopped saying how happy they were to see her. Her father took the moment to tell her never to go outside at night ever again.

When the moment died down, the father asked the officer where she was and was told about how they'd responded to reports of an explosion. The officer explained that she was found nearby unconscious. He asked if there was anyone else found and the officer pointed out that she was the only one there. Seeing the officer couldn't help, her mother asked the one question that had been on the tiny girl's mind.

"Kari, what happened to your brother? Where's Tai?"

Four years passed after the events of Highton View Terrace and it was dismissed as a terrorist attack. Life carried on as if it never happened, and it was soon forgotten. The sound of laughter filled the air of the summer camp as the kids scattered across the grounds at their various activities. Although it was the middle of summer, the air was cool and a light breeze made the sunny day a rare occasion. The kids and their camp counselors were going to take advantage of the day.

Their fun was cut short when the wind picked up and a light snowfall began. Everyone stopped to marvel at the snowflakes, then ran for shelter when it turned in to a storm. Everyone ran into the cabins, sheds, and tents, whatever they could use to protect themselves. Six of the kids fled into a nearby cabin atop a hill some distance away from the main campgrounds. As quickly as the snowfall began, it stopped and the kids peaked out of the cabin.

The first was a red haired girl with a blue cap on her head dressed in a yellow sleeveless shirt and pants. She glanced around at the snow and commented, "It's too cold to keep playing soccer, so how about sledding?"

A little boy poked his head out from behind and ran out immediately. His hair was a dusty blonde with bright blue eyes and he dressed in a green shirt, hat and shoes. The only thing on him that wasn't green was his shorts, which didn't seem to faze him despite how cold it got.

"Oh yeah! I'm gonna build a snowman!" he cheered, racing out into the snow. He was followed by a slightly older boy, also blonde with blue eyes. He was the little boy's older brother and he also wore a green sleeveless shirt and plain blue pants.

"TK! Hey! Put a jacket on! It's freezing!" the older brother shouted.

"Come on Matt! Build a snowman with me!" the little boy laughed, grabbing his older brother by the hand and pulling him along. Sora stepped outside with the two brothers, the fresh snow cracking with each step she took. Another boy emerged from behind her, shorter than the others with spiky red hair, an orange shirt, brown shorts, and purple shoes. His name is Koushiro, but everyone called him Izzy. Tucked under his arm was a laptop that he popped open and rested on one hand while typing away with the other.

"Bummer!" Koushiro began, "This snow is still messing with my satellite internet."

"I was worried I'd get a summer cold, but I didn't expect something like this," another boy said. He was older than the others and seemed the most out of place - wearing a collared shirt, sweater vest, and tan khaki shorts. His name was Joe, the oldest

"Oh wow! I should've packed my pink snow boots," the only other girl to take shelter commented. Her name was Mimi and wore an entirely pink attire - dress, shoes, and hat. The bright pink was contrasted only by her light orange hair which she said she'd dye pink someday.

"Hey guys! Check this out!" TK pointed excitedly up at the sky, "It's really pretty."

The sky was lit up by a bright array of colorful lights that waved back and forth across the sky. They all marveled at the unusual sight before them in awe.

"Those are the northern lights, sometimes called the aurora borealis. But there's now way they'd ever be this far south," Izzy commented.

"Tell that to all of this snow," Mimi glancing at the still fresh snow.

"Who cares? We should go back inside before we all get pneumonia," Joe's concern went unnoticed by anyone but Matt who dismissed it, "And miss this? Forget it. Hey, what's that?"

Matt had a finger pointed straight ahead at a glowing hole that had emerged in the sky. The lights twisted and bent around this impossible hole that had more depth than seemed possible. From within the hole, they could easily see seven black figures speeding towards them. It only took a second for them to realize that objects were not slowing down and Sora shouted, "Look out!"

The kids dove to the ground as all seven objects hit the ground with enough force to kick up the fresh snow that lightly dusted them. Sora perked her head up, shivering from the sudden cold and dusted herself off, "Is everyone alright?"

"We're still here," Joe raised a hand.

"That was scary," Mimi whimpered.

"What was that?" Matt asked while helping his kid brother up from the ground. TK then scrambled over to the small craters left in the snow by whatever had arrived. There were six in the snow, emitting a warm glow that invited them to take it in hand. TK was the first to take a hold of one even though Matt was quick to chastise him, "TK! Be careful! That could be dangerous!"

"It's all warm and fuzzy," TK giggled holding his in two hands. The other glowing objects started to rise out of the ground, guiding themselves to each of the other children who clasped onto them in midair. Izzy went to work examining his, "What is this? Perhaps some kind of digital apparatus?"

It was a white device no larger than the size of their palm, with a single screen on the front and a lone button on the side. Around the screen were some scribbles in a language that they couldn't read and could only guess at what it meant. Naturally, they all had different reactions to it.

"I wonder if it comes in colors? I'd definitely get mine in pink," Mimi added.

"I think it's cool!" was TK's impression.

"I bet its alien tech from another world," Matt thought.

"Don't be ridiculous, there are no such thing as aliens," Izzy argued, "I bet it belongs to some secret organization."

"You're both being ridiculous," Sora chastised them for their childish behavior.

"Hey guys, there are only six here," Joe pointed out to the others, his voice shaken with concern.

"Yeah, there are six of us," Matt stated matter of factly.

"But there were seven of these things coming out of there," Joe explained. This statement had the others scanning around for some sign of the other device. There were six impact craters around them and only six devices. So where was the seventh? They didn't have time to dwell on the question, as they noticed that they were suddenly ankle deep in water.

"Whoa, this snow melts fast!" Matt said in surprise, "Hang on to me TK!"

"I don't think this is snow melting," Joe thought aloud. As if the world was happy to confirm this, a large wave appeared beside them and came crashing over them. They didn't have time to run and the current of water pulled them along. They screamed and kicked and thrashed, looking for something, anything to latch onto. The current of the water was too strong for them, and they were soon dragged deep beneath the water into darkness.

Then darkness turned to light and the water gave way to a free fall. The kids all screamed as they plummeted downwards to what was certainly their doom. And then they were greeted again by darkness, the cold sweet embrace of unconsciousness.

"Sora," a soft voice echoed in Sora's mind, "Sora…are you awake Sora? Earth to Sora."

"Yeah, I'm okay," Sora propped her eyes open and found herself flat on her back. She could feel the device she found held tightly between her fingers. There was a heavy weight on her chest that seemed to shift around in way that made her uncomfortable. She glanced down and came face to face with a pink turnip with eyes and mouth staring back at her. The leaves protruding from the top were a light blue and swayed with the wind.

"Hey Sora! It's an honor to meet you," it said, "I am Yokomon."

"Eh…hi," she said softly, her voice fading away - still trying to process what she was looking at.

"I've been waiting so long to meet you that I began to think I never would," Yokomon continued, "After so long, I'm enchanted to finally meet my partner."

"I'm sorry, what's going on?" Sora started to straighten herself off, and Yokomon hopped off to the side, "And how did you know my name?"

"Oh, I can explain all that later. First, we should go find the others!" Yokomon answered happily.

"Oh that's right! Where is everybody?" Sora jumped up and took in her new surroundings - a large forest populated by all manner of trees and vegetation she had never seen before. Wherever she was, she was not in Japan anymore. There was silence, followed by a screaming that was growing ever closer. Sora ran toward the noise with Yokomon in tow and eventually found Izzy running away from a giant red bug creature.

The giant red insect moved with such speed and force that it was able to cut the trees down with no effort. Eventually, Izzy took cover by running into a tree. Rather than colliding with it in a crash, he vanished into it. The giant red insect failed to notice this and continued flying, still on the hunt and searching for Izzy. It continued on into the distance and out of sight, which Sora took to be the all clear. She placed the device in her pocket and tiptoed towards the tree, taking care to make sure the giant red bug was long gone. When she was certain they were gone, she called out, "Izzy? Are you in there? That things gone now."

"Sora?" Izzy's voice echoed from within the tree. In a strange sight that gave her pause, his head appeared out of the tree, "Hey, it's good to see your safe. Oh, you have one too."

"It's nice to meet you, I am Yokomon," Yokomon greeted.

"Hi, I'm Izzy and this is…Motimon, I think," Izzy introduced a little pink blob that leapt out of the tree. It had tiny little arms that appeared to flail while it talked, "Hello. I am Motimon!"

"Hi, I'm Sora and this is Yokomon."

At this, a little pink pig with sharp teeth and long floppy ears ran out between them. Its smile bared all of the large teeth in its mouth and it greeted them, "Hello! I am Tokomon! TK! Over here!"

"Coming!" TK's voice giggled excitedly as he ran to Tokomon's side. He coddled and played with the creature like they were best friends. Following right behind the two was Matt and tucked under his arm was another small creature that resembled a head with a horn on top.

"TK! Slow down," Matt said, "Oh, hey guys."

"You too Matt?" Izzy asked.

"Yeah, I'm here," Matt frowned.

"No, I meant under your arm," Izzy pointed at the small creature. It offered them a reassuring smile and introduced itself, "Hello, I am Tsunomon. I am quite pleased to meet you."

Their attention turned to more screams from within the forest, this time coming Joe who raced towards them with a panicked expression, "Guys! Guys! Help! This thing! This thing! I can't get it to stop chasing me!"

Following close behind him was a small floating brown seal with a tuft of orange hair. It latched onto Joe from behind and peaked over his head, "Hey! I am not a thing! My name is Bukamon!"

It chuckled as Joe screamed out in panic, "Why are we you guys just standing there! Don't you see this thing! And those things standing there next to you! Oh no! They're everywhere!"

"I think they're kind of cute," Mimi's voice alerted them to her presence. Mimi briskly walked up beside them with her hands behind her, "Hey guys. I see you have partners too. Meet mine, her name is Tanemon!"

A little green vegetable with legs peeked out from behind her and said, "Hi, it's nice to meet you friends of Mimi."

"Isn't she just adorable?" Mimi fawned over the little creature and took her into her arms. Sora looked at each of the little creatures that were now accompanying them. Mimi and TK were coddling theirs, Matt kept his tucked under his shoulder, Izzy was firing one question after another at his, and Joe continued to have a panic attack. This just left Sora's creature - Yokomon. Yokomon stared up at her with a large smile on her face, "It looks like we're all here."

"Yeah, so what is going on? You said you were going to explain what was going on. So what is? Where are we and what are you?" Sora asked curiously. Yokomon tilted her head to the side and quickly motioned to other creatures to join her, "Oh yes, we should tell you everything. First let us explain what we are."

The creatures gathered together and said in unison, "We are digimon! Digital Monsters!"

"Digital Monsters?" Matt repeated.

"For monsters, they sure are cuddly!" TK picked up Tokomon and hugged him close

"It's amazing how that raised more questions than it answered," Joe thought out loud, keeping his distance from the digimon assembled before them.

"Okay. Digimon. So that's a thing," Matt remained incredulous, the opposite of Izzy who grew excited at the spectacle, "Prodigious. Alien life. It's always been theorized but no one could ever prove it. Tell me, are digimon considered a single species with subgroups or are each of you a separate species?"

"I don't understand what any of that means," Bukamon answered with a confused but undisturbed grin.

"I think he's calling us aliens," Tsunomon mused, "But we don't have flying saucers or anything like that."

"Well, they are on another world. To them, we must be aliens," Tanemon thought aloud.

"But they're on our world, so they're the aliens!" Motimon concluded. They all agreed with that conclusion and nodded in agreement.

"So what was that part about being on your world?" Sora asked.

"This is the Digital World," Yokomon explained, "This world is our home."

"Digital. You mean data? So are we in a computer. Oh man, now I have to worry about getting a computer virus," Joe murmured.

"Wow! That's so amazing! I didn't know computers could have whole worlds in them," Mimi gaped in awe, picking up Tanemon, "And the digimon are so adorable."

"Computers don't have worlds in them," Izzy stated matter-of-factly, "And Joe's right, this just raises more questions."

They didn't have time to ask any of them. A loud roar echoed through the forest, and they soon found the giant red beetle from before hovering over them. It had four arms, all outstretched ready to grab ay any one of them. It charged straight down at them, its mouth wide open to roar and its mandibles wide to grab at anyone. They all took off in a run away from their massive pursuer.

"What is that thing?" Joe screamed.

"Who cares? Just run!" Mimi shrieked.

"Izzy, he's your friend! Maybe he just wants to talk!" Sora threw out there.

"He's not my friend! And I think he wants to eat us!" Izzy screamed back at her.

"That's Kuwagamon," Yokomon explained, hopping along side Sora at full speed, "He's a giant bug digimon who loves to fight and just doesn't know when to quit! He's vicious and ruthless, with teeth like knives that can cut through anything."

"Oh really, is that all!?" Matt asked sarcastically, "So how do we beat him?"

"Less talking and more running!" Bukamon shouted, floating along at a brisk pace without much trouble.

"No fair, you can fly!" TK pointed out to the floating digimon. They continued running and screaming through the forest. Matt glanced behind them and saw Kuwagamon closing the distance behind them.

"Duck!" he said to the others. They all dove to the ground and Kuwagamon passed right over them, cutting down any trees that happened to be in his path. Joe was the first one up, "Can I wake up now? I want this nightmare to be over!"

"That's it, we're gonna have to fight back!" Matt shouted out.

"Are you serious? How are we supposed to fight that, Matt?" Sora asked him, hoping Matt would realize just how stupid that idea was. Matt's answer was to pick up a stick from the ground, holding it up like a baseball bat. He waited until Kuwagamon was close and swung away with all his might. Kuwagamon grabbed the stick and pulled Matt along with it as it flew high into the air.

"Oh no! MATT!" TK chased after his older brother and the Kuwagamon.

"Matt! Don't let go!" Joe shouted out at the older brother, who was clinging onto the stick for dear life.

"LIKE I HAVE A CHOICE!" Matt screamed back at them. They chased after Kuwagamon until he was eventually out of sight, and had to follow the screams of Matt. Eventually they reached a cliff edge and found Kuwagamon flying around in circles, still holding the stick in its arms with Matt still flailing wildly underneath.

"MATT!" TK rushed out to his older brother.

"Wait TK! It's dangerous!" Tokomon chased after TK, ignoring the danger of the situation present to them. They all joined after TK, half to help Matt and half to protect their youngest member who just ran out into harm's way. Kuwagamon seemed content to ignore them, dangling Matt precariously as it circled around overhead before finally deciding to dive bomb directly at them. TK stopped in his tracks when he saw the giant bug coming right at him and stood there frozen in terror. Tokomon jumped in front of TK, "TK! I'll protect you!"

The other digimon jumped with Tokomon and spat bubbles out of their mouths at the target. They hit Kuwagamon and it flinched, more out of disgust than pain. It wiped the spit off itself and came to the ground with such force that it shook them all to their knees, standing between them in the forest. It was that they realized Kuwagamon baited them out here to give them nowhere to run. It howled at them, teeth and claws salivating at the opportunity before it. It released the stick and Matt landed with a thump on the ground, its roar sounding resembling laughter. Matt scrambled to his feet and rejoined the others, "I am never doing that again."

"Matt!" TK ran up to his older brother and wrapped both arms around his older brother, clinging to him with tears in eyes.

"Um, guys, that thing is getting closer," Joe pointed out to them.

"Don't worry! We'll protect you!" Tsunomon hopped between them and Kuwagamon. The other digimon joined him and they stood before the towering Kuwagamon, ready to put up whatever meager resistance they could. Kuwagamon's low growl resembled cackling as it stepped forward ready to attack. The little ones threw themselves forward and were knocked back with ease, stopping just short of their human friends. This time, the kids ran forward to protect their new friends. Kuwagamon took its time advancing, savoring every moment of their predicament and filling them with more dread.

"Yokomon! What were you thinking?" Sora asked the little creature, taking Yokomon in her arms and holding her.

"I wanted to protect you, Sora," it cooed back.


"We can do it," Yokomon added, "We just need your strength."

"Our strength?"

"We can do it! You believe we can, right?"

"I-" Sora looked from little Yokomon to the giant Kuwagamon now stomping towards them. They had no chance. There was no way they could win. No way they could take on something like that and win. And live! She knew all this was true. Even so, she found herself letting Yokomon go. Yokomon straightened herself out and ran towards Kuwagamon. She glanced around at the others and saw them all doing the same thing, letting their digimon go. They charged at Kuwagamon. Kuwagamon roared at them, raising his arms to strike them down.

She knew they couldn't win. That they would get hurt or killed. She didn't want them to get hurt. She didn't want them to be killed. She wanted them to win. To be strong enough to fight back and defeat the giant red bug. The desire to see them win burst from deep down inside her and she cheered them on, "YOKOMON! YOU CAN DO IT!"






A loud whistling noise shrieked from her device in her pocket. She pulled it out of her pocket and was blinded by a bright flash of light. She couldn't see what was happening but she could clearly hear the voices of their digimon friends crying out.

"Yokomon! Digivolve to! Biyomon!"

"Tsunomon! Digivolve to! Gabumon!"

"Tanemon! Digivolve to! Palmon!"

"Bukamon! Digivolve to! Gomamon!"

"Tokomon! Digivolve to! Patamon!"

"Motimon! Digivolve to! Tentomon!"

When she finally regained her vision, she saw their little digimon friends were gone. In their place were several new digimon, larger creatures that were about half their height. Kuwagamon still towered over them, but the new digimon gave him pause before he continued marching towards them. The new digimon were unperturbed.

The pink bird took to the air and attacked first. It flapped its wings to create a blast of air, "Spiral Twister!"

The wind hit with enough force to knock Kuwagamon back. Even so he roared and yelled and continued charging. The little yellow lizard wearing a fur coat on its back took its turn, spitting out blue flames, "Blue Blaster!"

The flames spread throughout Kuwagamon and it started stepping away, perhaps realizing the situation it was in. It beat its wings and tried to flee. Here, the one resembling a walking cactus fired vines from its hands to wrap around its legs, "Poison Ivy!"

A maroon insect hovering beside them opened its shell to fire bolts of electricity, "Super Shocker!"

A little orange piglet with wings growing out its ears expanded in size and expelled it all in one burp, "Boom Bubble!"

The electricity and the blast of air made Kuwagamon flinch back and it roared again, clearly in pain. Finally, the small digimon resembling a seal raced under it and tackled one of Kuwagamon's legs. Kuwagamon lost his balance and fell to the ground with a slam. The digimon regrouped and the pink bird said, "Okay! All together!"

They charged the large bug one more time and hit him with all their might. The strength of their combined attacks sent Kuwagamon back into the forest, knocking over trees and kicking up dirt in his wake.

There was a moment's pause, they watched as Kuwagamon lay on the ground unmoving before finally celebrating. The kids cheered and the digimon roared their victory. The small digimon each ran to one of the kids and cried out tears of joy.

"We won! We won!"

"I knew you could do it! You were awesome Tokomon!" TK said. The little piglet flew into his arms and cried out, "Thanks for believing in us TK!"

"So…um, good work, Tsunomon," Matt mumbled to the little lizard that approached him. It adjusted the fur on its back and answered, "Actually, I'm Gabumon now."

"Oh…well, good work Gabumon," Matt corrected himself sheepishly.

"Thank you, and you're very welcome," Gabumon answered.

"So if he's Gabumon, are you still Tokomon?" TK asked.

"I'm called Patamon now," Patamon answered.

"So do you all have new names now?" Joe asked the digimon as they wondered back to their partners.

"Yeah!" The little white seal slid over to his side, "You can call me Gomamon!"

"And I'm Palmon!" the little cactus introduced itself to Mimi. Mimi squealed her approval and immediately started playing with the flower petals on Palmon's head, "You're new hair is just adorable. I'd love to know how you get it like this!"

"You may call me Tentomon," the maroon insect said to Izzy, who could only comment, "Prodigious, I especially like your ability to manipulate the flow of electrical current."

"What?" Tentomon titled his head to side. Sora looked to the pink bird who took its side beside her, "So what's your name now?"

"I am Biyomon," the bird introduced herself, bending her wing like an arm and bowing.

"Okay, hello Biyomon," Sora offered the little bird a smile, "That was amazing, the way you guys beat up Kuwagamon. But how did you guys change?"

"We did it with your strength," Biyomon explained.

"Our strength? We're not all that strong," Sora pointed out. Biyomon laughed and pointed at the device in her hand, "It was because of your digivice."

"Our digivices?" Joe looked at the small devices that appeared before them.

"So that's what they're called," Izzy examined his closely and mused, "So how does this device take our strengthand make you change? And will you regress back to your earlier forms?"

"I still don't understand a word of what he's asking," Gomamon mumbled.

"I think he wants to know how the digivices make us digivolve," Gabumon concluded.

"Oh, well that's easy! We have no idea," Gomamon answered.

"How can you have no idea how it works?" TK asked, to which Tentomon asked, "Do you know how your brain works?"

"No," TK answered sheepishly.

"The way digimon normally digivolve is through getting stronger, by fighting or whatever," Palmon explained, "But those digivices lend us strength from you to make us stronger, which lets us digivolve."

"That doesn't really explain anything," Sora replied bluntly.

"All this is making my head hurt," Mimi frowned, "Can we talk about it over lunch? I'm hungry."

"So how do we get back to camp? You said we were in the Digital World, so how do we get back to our world? I bet the camp councilors are worried and calling our parents about now," Matt said.

"We don't know," Patamon answered.

"A lot of help you guys are," Matt grumbled.

"Be nice Matt," TK said.

"If we're going to get out of here, then we'd better start looking for a way back," Izzy said.

"He's right," Sora said, "Plus Kuwagamon could wake up any minute now."

"Let's go this way!" Biyomon pointed out along the cliff edge. Izzy glanced down into the ravine below and saw the river beneath it, "That makes sense. If we follow the river below, we're bound to find a town or a village or someone who can help us find a way out of here."

"It sounds like as good a plan as any," Matt said, "Let's get going!"

The six children and their new digimon partners headed out along the cliff edge, following the river below in the hopes of finding their chance at getting back home to their own world. Unbeknownst to them, they were watched from afar by a lone solitary figure in black with great wings that spread out in large scale. This black figure fixed on them from above and followed them quietly.

"They're just children, what danger could they pose?" it asked to no one in particular. A moments silence passed before it spoke again, "There are only six - without the other two, they are no threat."

It continued to float in silence before answering, "The first is dead. It's been an eternity since he was last seen. If it wasn't battle, then it was old age. The other did not appear with them. They're helpless without them, those six may as well be ignored."

More silence continued before it finally spoke back, "If that is your command, then your servant Devimon shall dispose of the humans and their digimon."

After it finished, it changed it course away from the humans and towards a lone, solitary mountain in the distance. While flying, it reached out its arms and with one motion produced a flurry of black gears that scattered throughout the island. When the last of the gears disappeared, it cackled manically and disappeared into the horizon.

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nikki364: I would’ve wanted to know more about what happens next, but it gave me more than enough to gush and smile and feel the giddiness of being in love ❤️❤️❤️

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