FNAF: Series Episode 1

Chapter 2: Introduction

Freddy: Okay guys, what do you think?

Freddy unravels a new desk fan.

Bonnie claps sarcastically.

Chica: Wow...

Springtrap: Right, I’m leaving.

Nightmare looks at Springtrap, then the fan.

Nightmare: I could borrow that someday.

Toy Chica: Why would you need that?

Nightmare shrugs, examining the fan, and tapping it with his long, sharp claws.

Puppet: Where’s Mangle?

Mangle: Here!

Puppet: I have a quest for you, Springtrap, and Nightmare.

Mangle: What is it?

Puppet: Springtrap!

Springtrap: What?

Puppet: Come over here!

Springtrap: Fine.

Springtrap and Nightmare both appear next to Mangle.

Puppet: You both are going on a quest with Mangle. It’s about trying to find more things from the abandoned mall.

Mangle: Yes!

Springtrap: What if we-

Puppet: You will go no matter what!

Springtrap: Fine.

Nightmare: I don’t mind.

Puppet: You three go! No splitting up! Got it?

They all reply with “got it”

Puppet: Good. Time for you three to go.

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