FNAF: Series Episode 1

Chapter 3: Mangle’s Quest

Puppet: Phew!

Foxy: I don’t blame you. They are all weird...

Puppet: Yeah...

Mangle: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Springtrap kicks Nightmares ankles, laughing afterwards.

Nightmare pushes Springtrap ahead, and does it back.

Springtrap: You nearly broke my goddamn ankles!

Nightmare rolls his eyes.

Mangle: Ooo! A metal stand!

Springtrap: Looks gross.

Nightmare: Like you.

Springtrap tries to attack Nightmare.

Nightmare pushes him to the ground.

Nightmare: Stop.

Mangle: Nightmare has a point.

Springtrap: Everyone’s against me.

Nightmare: Stop being overdramatic.

Mangle picks up the stand.

Springtrap: Can I have it?

Mangle: No. Nightmare is a demon and I trust him more then you.

Springtrap: Fine.

Mangle: Look! An old animatronic head!

Springtrap: Ewww...

Nightmare: Cool. Yet again not as bad as I expected.

Springtrap: Are you targeting me?

Nightmare: No. I’m targeting the head.

Springtrap: Right.

Mangle: Let’s collect these and head back to the pizzeria!

Springtrap: No. They look trashy.

Nightmare: Shut up, Springtrap.

They all head back.

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