FNAF: Series Episode 1

Chapter 4: Back Home

Puppet: Ah, look who’s back!

Mangle: Yes! We are back!

Nightmare: Springtrap was an absolute idiot.

Springtrap: Sorry...

Puppet rolls her eyes.

Nightmare slaps the back of Springtraps back and knocks Springtrap head-first into the ground.

Mangle: We found two things!

Mangle dumps the things on the ground in front of Puppet.

Puppet: At least you got things.

Foxy: Nightmare!

Nightmare: What?

Foxy: Wanna watch a movie?

Nightmare: Fine, I guess.

They watch a movie about gore and violence.

Toy Chica: That looks horrific!

Nightmare: No, it’s hilarious!

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