FNAF: Series Episode 1

Chapter 5: The Final Chapter

The movie ended.

Nightmare: Even though that movie was funny, it was also sort of sad.

Foxy: I can agree.

Springtrap: It was really weird.

Toy Chica: It was gross.

Chica: Who wants pizza?

Toy Chica: After watching that, nope.

Nightmare: I’ll have some.

Springtrap: I may as well to.

Chica gives the two some pizza.

They eat it quickly and they go onto their own things.

Bonnie: How did no one see that?!

Freddy: See what?

Bonnie: I threw a bottle and caught it!

Chica: Good work...

Bonnie: W-why is no one caring?!

Foxy: Because we don’t.

Bonnie: Oh...

Mangle: I do.

Bonnie: Thanks... I guess...

Nightmare: When are we getting a bigger roof?

Puppet: Soon!

Nightmare: Oh yeah, there’s also a second book soon!


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