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A rose in New York


Rose Tyler is kidnapped in New York by Kilgrave's henchmen so Pete Tyler enlists the help of his friend, Richard Castle but when after a week, the NYPD has got nowhere, Pete sent over to help find her Rose Tyler is on a diplomatic mission for Torchwood in New York when she is kidnapped after getting out of a taxi in front of her hotel. Pete Tyler enlists the help of his old friend, the famous novelist Richard Castle, who drags his wife, NYPD Detective Kate Beckett into it, much to her dismay as she is a homicide detective but Castle wants to help his old friend. A week later, they have no clues as to where Rose is and Pete asks his friend, the police commissioner for the south of England to send one of his best detectives to help find his stepdaughter and since Alec Hardy has just survived a heart operation, he is it. Alec wants some help and drags his long-suffering DS with him and the pair of them clash with Kate, Castle being left to keep the peace between the English and Scottish detectives and his wife. What they don't know is that Rose is being held by the evil Kilgrave who is intrigued he has hardly any effect on Rose as he can get anyone to do as he wishes. No spoilers for Jessica Jones.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Kilgrave paced the room of the apartment he’d ‘acquired’ from a businessman whom he’d told to take an around the world cruise since he was in a generous mood and not ordered the man to jump off the nearest tall building. He’d thrown the newspaper down and was running his hands over his face. The newspaper article he’d just read, about the English beauty and Vitex heiress Rose Tyler stuck in his mind. How had he never heard of her before her arrival here and more importantly why had he never met her before he’d met Jessica Jones, whom had tried to kill him and failed because he was still here and she was lying low somewhere in the meanest parts of the city.

He’d find Jessica one of these days because she had broken free of his hold and no-one did that unless he’d had enough of them and he’d just got bored with Hope and she’d gone running back to her parents, after he told her to forget him to which she’d just looked at him and asked what she was doing there. No, Rose Tyler was much more interesting to him, he’d learned she was a top Torchwood agent and the things he could do, being in charge of Torchwood were astounding.

So he had sent two of his best men when this latest article said she was in New York, attending a conference with business leaders about Torchwood operating in the ‘Big Apple’ and was trying to gather support. She was there with her stepfather, Pete Tyler but all his men had to do was wait for her to be alone, maybe on her way back to her hotel. The latest reports said she was on her third and final day so it was today or risk her leaving.

Across the city, Rose was preparing to leave the conference to go get ready for a dinner in their honour, held by her stepfather’s friend, the famous novelist Richard Castle, whom Rose had never met before but she had all his novels since she’d become a fan of his on her arrival in this universe and she was looking forward to meeting him and his new wife, well his latest one, New York police detective Kate Beckett.

Kate was sat at her desk inside the 12th precinct, her husband sat facing her at the side.

“Aren’t you going home to get changed for our dinner party tonight?” Castle asked her.

“Yeah, it won’t take me that long. So that Pete Tyler is an old friend of yours then?”

“Yeah, me and Pete go back, he’s a great golfing partner. I remember once, him and his first wife came to The Hamptons one weekend and she complained she was a golf widow. I never liked her that much but his second wife, funny how she looks exactly the same but she’s totally different.”

“Well I’m just glad I don’t look like either of your ex wives Castle.”

“So am I,” he muttered under his breath as Kate answered her cell phone.

Rose was just getting out of the taxi, she’d left Pete to finish up and they were meeting when he called for her later to go to a fancy restaurant downtown somewhere, Pete had ordered a car to take them there at seven thirty so she had plenty of time to get ready. She didn’t know much about Richard Castle and his new wife, except she was a homicide detective, a rather good one and they’d only recently got married after he’d disappeared for three months. She only knew this because Pete had been concerned for his old friend.

Pete had never said how the two of them had met but it was before the Cyberman invasion, that much she did know. As she was paying the cab driver, seeing the doorman of the hotel was busy talking to someone, a black car pulled up behind the taxi and taking no notice, Rose turned around only to find two men getting out and approaching her but thinking they were just heading to the hotel entrance, she wasn’t too concerned but one of the men accidentally knocked her arm and she suddenly felt faint.

The man had a small needle in his hand and had injected a sedative into Rose’s arm and had innocently hooked his own arm around her and the other man had gone to open the back door of the car, no-one taking any notice of what had just happened, the cab driver pulling off and only barely registering the blonde woman who had got out was with two men.

When Rose woke up, she was lying on a bed and she was aware someone was watching her and it wasn’t Pete.

“Where am I?”

“Hush, it’s ok, you’re safe enough, for now. So, the famous Rose Tyler eh? What am I going to do with you then?”

Rose would know that voice anywhere, in any universe.

“Doctor?” she asked, trying to stop feeling dizzy when she tried to sit up. She thought she was somehow still drugged, it couldn’t possibly be him.

She could vaguely make out the shape of a man, wearing a black jumper and purple trousers who was now hovering over her and getting her to lie back down.

“Don’t try to get up yet, let the effects wear off. You don’t need a doctor do you?”

Rose thought better of it, she knew not to say anything about the Timelord, until his actual presence had been established. Things were now slowly coming into focus and she knew she was seeing the impossible – an unshaven Doctor was looking at her and smiling.

“No, I don’t think so. What happened? I was just getting out of a cab.”

“Did my men get over-enthusiastic? If they did, I’ll see they don’t do it again. So Rose, I bet you’re wondering what all this is about?”

Rose thought that was a bit of an understatement. This was not the Doctor, that was for certain. She’d seen a double of him on TV a while back, some Scottish detective who’d solved a young boy’s murder in a small coastal town, plus of course her favourite actor but this man, now sitting on the bed in front of her and stroking her arm was definitely not any of them.

“Well if you call knocking me out being enthusiastic then yeah. What was all that about? So who are you then?” she asked, pulling her arm away and managing to remain sitting up this time as she’d just flopped down again.

“You can call me Kilgrave. So, well, you’re in my apartment, well your apartment, you’re my guest.”

“Really? Well sorry but I have a dinner date tonight, I can’t stay.”

“Yes you can,” he replied, wondering why his suggestion hadn’t just worked.

“No, I really can’t so if you’ll call another cab for me, I’ll be getting back to my hotel before my stepfather gets the whole NYPD out looking for me.”

“Now, now Rose, you’re not in that much of a hurry to leave my company, are you?” he asked, trying again.

Rose looked at him, he was obviously trying to get her to stay for some reason then she realised he thought he could control her mind. Her Torchwood training had been very intense and she could resist mind control easily but if this man thought she wasn’t under some of his influence, he may try and harm her. She thought she would play along.

“Well, now you come to mention it, I was only going for a boring dinner with my stepfather and some novelist he knows.”

“Good, that’s more like it. I’ll have some dinner brought in for you, we can dine by candlelight. I’ve also taken the liberty of having some clothes sent for you, you’ll find an assortment in the wardrobe, why don’t you choose something nice to wear?”

“Ok but I’d like to take a bath first.”

“Sure, anything you want my Rose, I’ll leave you to it. Oh, all the doors and windows are locked, for your safety but you can go out on the balcony, there’s quite a spectacular view, that’s why I chose the place. Do make yourself at home my dear.”

With that, he got up, taking the back of her hand and kissing it.

“I hope you like the perfume on your dressing table, I look forward to smelling it on you at dinner.”

He left the room, Rose hearing it lock from the outside. What the hell had she just got herself into? He was like the Doctor’s evil twin or something but he was alarmingly charming with it and he was trying to make her do what he wanted. She had so far managed to resist him but he’d know sooner or later she was faking her submission, well part submission, she had to make it look good. She got up, still feeling a little unsteady on her feet and went to the double wardrobe, surprised to see what he’d said was there, dresses for all occasions, trousers, jeans, jumpers and tops plus a large rack with an assortment of shoes, in her size.

She crossed to the dresser, seeing underwear in her size and a jewellery box in the top drawer. She looked for her purse, on the chair and scrambled around inside but her cell phone was gone, of course it was. It was still light outside, maybe Pete wouldn’t even think she was missing yet, that she was still getting ready and he’d only miss her when she didn’t meet him and he’d got someone to call her room and then to knock on the door.

Who the hell was this Kilgrave and why had Torchwood not known about him? He was English and he talked like the Doctor had done, with that cute London accent she’d fallen in love with but that was were the similarities ended, this was not the Doctor. Had she fallen down a rabbit hole? She decided she’d shake some of the dizziness off by having a soak in the bathtub so finding some sweet smelling bath oil, she ran the water and poured in the oil, hoping this Kilgrave bloke would not be a pervert and come and watch her.

Whoever he was, he’d been planning all this, unless someone exactly her dress and shoe size had resided here before. She would just have to go along with whatever he planned, she could do it, she’d had plenty of experience, trapping men into thinking she was on their side then exposing them over something or other, this was no different and once it was discovered she was missing, Pete would call the NYPD.

Rose finally got out of the bath, got dried and went to the wardrobe, choosing a blue clingy jersey wool dress and some flat black shoes, then she sprayed some of the perfume on and chose a pearl necklace from the jewellery box. Well if she wasn’t going out to dinner with her stepfather and Rick Castle and his wife, she wasn’t going to starve herself.

While Rose had been in the bath, Kilgrave had phoned one of the finest restaurants in town, told them what he wanted and that the best waiters were to attend for the evening and told them to send the bill to Mickey Mouse so as Rose was getting dressed, an entourage of waiters were arriving and setting up the dinner table just as it was getting dark outside and the candles on the table were lit. It was just seven thirty and Rose was waiting for the door to be unlocked, hoping he wouldn’t always lock her in.

He went to the bedroom door, knocked and then unlocked it, seeing Rose standing there.

“You look beautiful Rose. Dinner is being served.”

He’d changed into a purple three piece suit, Rose thought a lot of men wouldn’t get away with that colour but he did.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Pete had been on the phone to Jackie when he’d got back from the conference, even though it was late back in London, Jackie had waited up the few nights he and Rose had been gone.

“Hi Jackie, how’s things? How’s Tony?”

“He’s fine, he misses you both. You coming home tomorrow then?”

“Yeah, we’re having dinner with Castle and his new wife tonight, she’s a homicide detective, should be interesting.”

“Are you with Rose?” Jackie asked him.

“No, she’ll be getting ready to go out. Has she not rung you today?”

“No and for the last two nights, she’s rung me when she got back.”

“Maybe she just wanted a rest before we go out eh? Don’t worry too much, she said she wanted a nice hot bath and she’s probably dozed off. I’ll tell her off for not calling you.”

“No, she doesn’t usually miss calling me but never mind. See you when you get back then.”

Two hours later, Pete was downstairs, looking at the time and was watching the lift indicator, seeing if the lift was on their floor since Rose had not answered when he’d knocked and he thought she’d come down early for some reason. He could see the car outside, the doorman had been over to it twice so Pete had nipped out to say the car was waiting for him. He went over to the desk.

“Have you seen my stepdaughter, Rose Tyler in the last ten minutes?”

The woman looked at him so Pete got his phone out and showed her Rose’s photo, he couldn’t get used to Rose not being famous here like she was back home.

“No Sir, I’ve not see here since she went out with you this morning.”

“Did she not call for her key earlier then?” Pete asked, trying not to panic.

“Not that I recall but she may have asked for it when I was on my break, I’ll ask for you.”

She went in the back, bringing out a male clerk, who was followed by the night manager, who was concerned she was asking if they had seen one of the guests.

“Is there something wrong Mr Tyler?” Kyle, the night manager asked.

“Well, I don’t know but if no-one recalls my stepdaughter collecting her key earlier, I know she handed it in this morning when we left. Can you check if her key is here?”

The woman went to check, returning to say it was still on the hook.

“By any chance, would the cleaning staff have let her in her room, if she got upstairs before realising she didn’t have it?” Pete asked.

“I’ll call the head of the cleaning staff right away Mr Tyler. Sally, call Miss Tyler’s room and you, Sam, go and knock on the door 815 if there’s no answer.”

“I’ll go let my driver know and tell him to cancel, if she doesn’t turn up in ten minutes,” Pete said, going towards the door before the driver got a parking ticket.

His cell phone rang, he was hoping it was Rose but it was Castle, who had been waiting at the restaurant for them.

“Pete, where are you? I had to use my name to get these reservations and you know I hate doing that,” he joked.

Pete would normally laugh back. “Rick, I can’t find Rose.”

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