FNAF: Series Episode 2


The sequel to the first one and the animatronics are in for a shock!

Mystery / Other
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: A Better Start

Mangle: What the hell happened?!

Bonnie: I think... Something really bad happened...


Puppet: We just added a taller roof.

Nightmare: Thanks!

Puppet: You’re welcome.

Bonnie: I need to do something real quick I’ll be right back!


Mangle: How could you?!

Bonnie: Look, I didn’t mean it I-

Mangle: Right, I’m leaving!

Bonnie: M-Mangle... please...

Mangle bursts open the door, suddenly she sees the rest standing outside.

Mangle walks right past them.

Freddy: Bonnie, what happened?

Bonnie: She spotted me writing mean things about her, but I didn’t mean it.

Mangle: You totally didn’t mean it! You did! I have proof!

Chica: Show us.

Mangle: I will!

Suddenly Mangle pulls out a note.

Freddy examines it.

Freddy: Nice try, Springtrap.

Springtrap: Wait, What?

Nightmare: It’s not him, I was with him all week.

Springtrap: Yeah he was, being a total dork!

Nightmare slaps Springtraps back and Springtrap falls face-first into the ground.

Freddy: Springtrap, Bonnie and Mangle, follow me. We’ll discuss this alone.

Springtrap, Bonnie and Mangle follow Freddy, Freddy holds the papers with him and brings them.

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