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Ever heard of a person having two wolves? What if his life is different from other pups? How would he cope up with it?How would he control his two wolves? What about his mate?How would she be? How will his wolves react on sharing one wolf with each other? Overall this what if his wolves are alphas which are possessive,dominant for their mate? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She was the delicate doll of her parents. Fragile yet tough and strong. She always proved that she was not less than any alpha king. How would she react when her wolf is mated to two wolves in one person? Above all this some truth about her life change her whole existence.

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Heya amigos... I am back with an interesting concept... Hope you will like it... Do express your opinions

Green oak mountains are spread over thousands of kilometers with oak trees surrounding all over the sides. Towards the east side is the world's largest and strongest pack Golden Cresent Moon pack. Today is the annual meet at the pack.All the werewolves, vampires, wizards and witches attend this meet which is followed by a huge feast.

It's been two years that the King Raj Malhotra had made a peace treaty with all creatures of moongoddess. This annual meet and feast is like renewing the treaty with great celebration of togetherness. All the creatures are happy with this arrangement. It's all possible only because of raj malhotra.

Raj malhotra is the youngest son of manish malhotra, the alpha of blood moon pack. From childhood raj was being brought up as how different creatures helped his family at different situations which bought determination in him to see all creatures under same roof. At the age of sixteen he started spreading about how it would be if all creatures of moon goddess are under one roof. It was not a cake walk for him. He faced many insults, threats and attacks but it didn't stop him from reaching his goal. Though now at the age of 22 he achieved his goal he have his share of enemies. All the werewolves,vampires ,witches and wizards who opposed his ideas where casted a powerful spell and buried at an unknown place to all.

Raj malhotra was declared as Alpha of all the creatures with all powerful creatures in his golden crescent pack. All creatures believed him to rule them without any partiality or pride .He was always polite to everyone, helping everyone to lead a right path of life. He is waiting for his mate, though as werewolves they get their mate at 20 years of age raj is still in search of his luna.

This annual meet was like an opportunity for all unmated creatures to get their mates.

Raj malhotra completed his meeting with all important members and came out of his pack house only to get carried away with a mild strawberry smell. The scent took him to his mate Nyonika shetty, the princess of blue moon pack. She was known for her kind,loveable and down to earth personality . All of them cheered as they got their luna. Every witch and wizard blessed them casting positive spells on them.

An old witch came forward to bless them when she saw something on their faces. Their future. She went to raj and nyonika and spoke

"Never leave each others side and always support your child.He will write a new version of creatures in history that none could stop to praise and talk about us. I, myself will come to you when needed"

After saying this she vanished in air leaving malhotra couple in happiness and dielema of what is stored in future.

So .... Get ready for a adventurous ride with future alpha 😉

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