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FNAF: Series Episode 3


This one is a little darker now... Also these stories are not canon in the FNAF storyline.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1: The Story of Nightmare

The others are quiet today. Seems weird for them. But not silent.

I had a rough life... here it is...

1982: FredBears Family Diner

I was thrown away a few years ago, after being built.

I kept trying to get in. I always failed.
I watched through the window at the others singing and dancing, enjoying their time.

I never came back inside, and I never will.

After a while, I never thought of going back in, not trying, just ignoring.

I lived in the back alley for most of my life, barely seeing sunlight because majority of it was in the shade and undercover.

Eventually everyone forgot about me, and it was painful because I felt it, and I knew it.

1983: Fredbears Family Diner

Man, it’s the next year. I hated it.

But I had a plan. The best I possibly imagined at the time of these events.

Sneaking into the new kids house. Aftons house to be precise.

I heard the others would, so I would.

I just wanted to be happy, and heard.

I’m outside the house now. Ready to pounce.

Fredbear pushes me over.

Nightmare Fredbear: I just had my go! Now it’s my go again!

I push Nightmare Fredbear as hard as I could and I laughed.

Me: No, It’s mine.

I did my thing, and I finished.

The other nightmares turned back, and I ran off only to find you a few years late
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