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Lance McClain was homeschooled most of his life. But when his mother got a fancy new job in the United States, he and his family had to move from their small home in Cuba to a two-story home in Texas. Although, Lance would have to go to public school. With other people. Scary people. ----------------------------- Keith Kogane was just a boy, labeled as emo, who was only trying to get through his senior year of high school without getting held back again. No drama, no backstabbing friends, and most importantly, no dating. But little did he know how much the new, annoying Cuban boy would impact his life.

Humor / Romance
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The smell of cigarettes, urine, and sweat invaded Lance's nose as he stood in the almost vacant train station, waiting for his to arrive.

Thankfully, he wouldn't have to wait much longer. The distinct blaring of a horn in the distance proved that. Ah, there it is, he thought. He started to walk towards it, gaze cast downward.


"Hey! Watch it, kid."

"Oh, excuse me," the boy murmured. Lance, being the klutz that he was, had accidentally bumped into some grumpy old man. He resumed strolling until he reached the doors of the train. Lance stepped inside after the doors had finally decided to open, letting him enter the foul-smelling train car. He opted for the seat farthest away from the other passengers and sat down.

Lance pulled out his earbuds and adjusted his beanie, brushing some of the brown strands of hair away from his face. He didn't normally wear beanies, but his hair was being particularly difficult that morning. So he figured he would put it to use, seeing as it was a gift from one of his sisters, Veronica, and he'd never worn it before. He thought it looked pretty good on him.

Needless to say, He might have a new appreciation for beanies.

Lance turned up the volume of his music and let the sounds drown out everything else around him.

Lance marveled at the ginormous building in front of him. He was really going to attend this school? He knew it'd be big, but... wow.

The brown-haired boy must have stood there for at least five minutes before he finally mustered up the tiniest bit of confidence, and took a step forward.
Hi, author here. This is the end of the first chapter, but the others will be longer (if anyone's actually reading this, lol) in the future. I just made my account and I'm new to this website. I wanted to write because I actually enjoy it way more than I ever thought I would. And I decided to start off with a fanfiction story because I'm just testing the waters, y'know?

I've had this idea for a klance story in my head for a while, so I wanted to actually write it out and post it for others to read and (hopefully) enjoy.

The other author's notes in the future probably won't be this long. Also, if anyone has taken any time out of their day to read my story, I sincerely thank you! And any feedback or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Alright, bye for now and have a great day!
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