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The Lycan’s mate 🔞[ IN PROGRESS ] UNEDITED

Chapter 2

Here I am in the parking lot of the Lux night club smoking a blunt with no care in the world. I am going to face him anyway, so why not be prepared.

I pull on my blunt looking absentmindedly at the group of vampires at the entrance of the club engaged in a heated conversation. These days it has become so easy for me to tell who or what from a crowd. The Lycans and the bears are still hard to figure out.

I drop the rest of the blunt to the ground stomping on it and make my way into the club.



Here we go.

“Klaus.” I spun around meeting his gaze with the same determination.

“This has got to stop! I'm running a business here! You are not irreplaceable, you know. And next time you come this late, I will- ,,

“- suck the blood out of me till I drop dead. Yeah yeah.” I chorus with him.

He blinks, “what?”

“It’s the same goddamn thing Klaus. You should know your threats don’t mean shit to me anymore, babe. Try something new.” I wink at him walking away slowly.

“You are on thin ice, Liam! You are lucky you’re hot.” Klaus whispered the last part but I heard him fine. I chuckle walking into the changing room to pick my uniform. A white shirt, black pa8nts and a tux.

Klaus is what you will call, a prince. He is the vampire king’s bastard son. Which means he has to live in the shadows of his step siblings. That doesn’t stop the guy for being appreciative of the title ‘prince’. I admire that about him. Strong willed. Good quality.

“A glass of Lux please.”

I was cleaning a glass, my back to the counter. I turn around to get the order.

“Val!” (Short for Valentina)

“Hey handsome.” She laughs hovering over the counter for a hug.

“I miss you.” She whispers into my neck.

I pull away slowly with a smile.

“Yeah me too...” I was about to get her the drink, “wait...Lux?” I raise an eyebrow at her with questioning eyes.

“I was just trying to get your attention. You know I will never try that stuff.” She makes a disgusted face scrunching her nose making me chuckle.

Ah Lux. The drug humanity didn’t know it needed. AKA vampire blood. Guaranteed to make you lose your shit.

Valentina and I grew up together in Eva’s home. We have a bit of an history if you can call it that. We used to make out but never went all the way. I guess we were just horny teenagers exploring. And besides, I didn’t stand a chance against Hector with his exotic accent. He won her over in an instant. They recently got married.

I finished making her favorite cocktail and placed it infront of her with a smile.

“So...spoken to mom recently?” (Mom AKA Eva) she asks looking over my shoulder with a sly smile.

“Did she send you here?” I throw the napkin on my shoulder placing both hands on the counter.

“No!” She replies a bit too high pitch.

“Uh huh. Right. And yes I spoke with her recently. It’s not like I moved to another territory. I’m just few minutes drive from them. What about you? You moved out too, didn’t you? Why are they on my ass?” I throw my hands up in the air in defeat.

“I got married, Liam.” She chuckles at my little outburst.

“Say... where is the lucky guy?”

“He should be here soon.” She smiles looking back at the entrance door.

I was looking at few folks like me, humans, as I was making a margarita for a very hot girl that wouldn’t stop giving me the ‘I want you to fuck me hard’ look. I wish I can send them home. I still don’t understand how they can struggle the whole day breaking their backs on meaningless jobs for mediocre pay and end up here at night just to get high on vampire blood.

We are simply filling their pockets. I don’t know how we ever thought we stood a chance against them.

I sometimes get some of them out by the back door and give them a lecture and send them home until Klaus found out. I am sure he is somewhere watching me like a hawk right now. *Scoff* He can’t fire me but don’t trust me to not make a mess of things. It’s a funny relationship we have here.


I watch Hector walk up to his wife and pull her into a gentle hug and crush his lips to hers.

“Hey bro.” He greeted after breaking off the kiss.

“Marriage life must be doing you some good. Look at you. You are glowing.” I teased earning me a glare from him while Val laughs.

We both join in on the laugh while engaged in a bro hug.

“I am thinking of having a session with you. Our place or yours?” Val asks later when I was less busy from filling orders.

I roll my eyes, “not this again.”

“I saw something.” Val says calmly with a smile.

“Yeah you always see something.” I chuckle while her husband takes her hand in his.

“I tell you what. I will think about it. Is that okay?”

“I will take it.” Val smiles brightly while I shake my head mirroring her smile.

You must be wondering what all that I saw something was about. My bad. Val is a white witch. Now you have it. I heard there are different types of those. I never cared and I'm not about to start now.

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